We Guarantee You Results!​
After being in the fitness industry for a combined total of over 3 decades, we have made many mistakes, had many a setback, explored many different training methodologies, and have in the process gained something invaluable – EXPERIENCE

We are passionate about sharing this experience with you

In doing so we can deliver to you what we believe to be the most valuable tools from various domains of fitness in what is and will continue to be an ongoing training evolution of Hybrid Training

Our goal is to help you improve your quality of training and subsequently the RESULTS you deserve
We are passionate about transforming your health and fitness journey into something ENJOYABLE

We understand that you want so much more than just a place to exercise; you want an environment that inspires you, that welcome challenges, where you actively seek improvement, celebrate your success and that of others, where friendships are formed…

A home away from home

Whether you choose to work with us or not our goal remains the same - help as many people as possible...
Through our experience, we have learned NEVER to underestimate the power of community

We know that determined people working together can do ANYTHING!

For that reason, we have formed an aligned collective of individuals determined to make this home the place where we refuse to put limits on what is possible - #No Limits

"I love the community spirit at the gym"
​- Andrew Gredig

Your Local Professionals​​​

 “It’s great to see the fresh vision that Ben & Paul are bringing into the ever-changing strength and conditioning world. They both have exceptional talent as elite level strength coaches – harnessing both years of experience and evidence-based training, into a new level of sporting performance, human movement and junior athletic potential, surpassed to most coaches these days  ”

- Grant Burton
B. Ex. Sc.; Master of Physiotherapy 
Director P-P-S Physiotherapy 

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Ben Handley

- Lululemon ambassador
- BA Human Movement
- Outstanding Business Person of the Year Finalist 2017 
- Charles Poliquin levels 1 & 2 international certificate program
- Charles Poliquins biosignature 
 - Butel Health Services Level 2 Functional Activity Program + Practical Applications of Muscular Slings 
- TRX accredited trainer 
- ProFit level 1+ 2 boxing certificate 
- Chiropractic Education Australia Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation exercise 1 Course
- CrossFit Level 1 + 2 Certifications
- Certificate 3 + 4 fitness
- First Aid + CPR accredited 
- Over 12,000 hours one on one Personal Training  
- Over 2000 hours group coaching experience  

"Butel Health Services and Physiotherapy Clinic recommends Hybrid Training for personal training for ​​​all age groups and client needs​​. The team of personal trainers are committed to continual improvement with up to date research based education producing the best outcomes for their clients.
The Butel Physiotherapy team is confident to refer our young athletes to Hybrid Training."

- Catherine Juska-Butel 
Bach.Applied Sc; Physiotherapy 
Director, Butel health Services P/L
Director, Roadblocks To Health: 

Corrective Exercise Programs for Rehabilitation 

Hornsby gym, Hornsby, gym, Crossfit, functional training, f45, gyms near me
Paul Nguyen

- CrossFit Level 1
- Certificate 3 & 4 in fitness
- Master trainer Certificate
- Australians strongest under 73kg powerlifter
- 6 Australian powerlifting records
- Charles Poliquins Biosignature
- ASCA Strength and conditioning level 1
- Charles Poliquin Strength and conditioning level 1 + 2 international certificate program
- First aid & CPR accredited 
- Punch Boxing Certificate
- ProFit level 1 + 2 Boxing Certificate
" Best technical coaches I've seen, Attention to detail is first class. Up there with one of the best spaces to train at. Highly recommend!"

- Christopher Lowe
Bach. Human Movement, Masters in Physiotherapy 
Graduate dip ed in Education
Director Northside Sports Physiotherapy 

Hornsby gym, Hornsby, gym, Crossfit, functional training, f45, gyms near me
Lucas Gomiero Valente

- BA Environmental Engineering 
- Crossfit Level 1 Certificate
- 8 years of  Brazilian Capoeira   
- International Capoeira Instructor for 2 years
- 2 Year Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Practitioner
- First Aid + CPR accredited 
- Lululemon Educator 
- 13 years Fitness Exposure in a variety of field incl Bodybuilding, CrossFit, HITT, Functional Training, Indoor climbing, yoga, Pilates, Swimming,   

Our Promise
  • We aim to provide an inviting environment that supports your  own personal health and fitness journey regardless of where your starting point may be

  • We believe that your health is not a destination but an ongoing journey, we are simply here to help guide you through that often confusing journey using over 30 years of combined expertise

  • Our community inspires growth. At Hybrid Training we place "NO LIMITS" on what is possible for each and every member of our 'Legion'
Our Pillars 
Hybrid Training is the culmination of over 3 decades experience providing group coaching, one on one training and ongoing formal education.
We believe our difference is that our personal struggles have helped shaped our passion for excellence. 

Our coaching philosophy revolves around our 3 pillars: 

We provide support to each other, accountability when it's most needed and we have fun! 

We specialise in fitness, giving results to our members through ongoing education and nutrition.
We provide an environment where there are no limits, creating a healthy lifestyle with balance. 

With our pillars, we have achieved more than just a place to train. We have created a home away from home. 

"My gym makes me feel alive, the connection I have with the people at Hybrid
makes me want to go back day after day"
- Chloe Rose