"I recommend this to everyone! I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t benefit from this program"
- Catherine McMahon
We Guarantee YOU Results!
Formerly CrossFit Millennium, our members inspired us to take the next step forward for us as a community. Together we launched “HYBRID TRAINING” an environment to break CrossFit stigmas & continue to provide what is really important - RESULTS
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After being in the fitness industry for a combined total of over 3 decades, we have made many mistakes, had many a set back, explored many different training methodologies, and have in the process gained something invaluable – EXPERIENCE

We are passionate about sharing this experience with you

In doing so we can deliver to you what we believe to be the most valuable tools from various domains of fitness in what is and will continue to be an ongoing training evolution of Hybrid Training

Through our experience, we have learned NEVER to underestimate the power of community

We know that determined people working together can do ANYTHING!

For that reason, we have formed an aligned collective of individuals determined to make this home the place
 where we refuse to put limits on what is possible - #No Limits

Our goal is to help you improve your quality of training and subsequently the RESULTS you deserve
We are passionate about transforming your health and fitness journey into something ENJOYABLE

We understand that you want so much more than just a place to exercise; you want an environment that inspires you, that welcome challenges, where you actively seek improvement, celebrate your success and that of others, where friendships are formed…

A home away from home

Whether you choose to work with us or not our goal remains the same - help as many people as possible...
"I love the community spirit at the gym"
- Andrew Gredig