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" It pushes you to a whole new level with a group of really friendly people.
It's just fun!"  
- Tony McMahon
We want you to know that by taking this brave step today, helping yourself, you are also helping those in need.

Hybrid Training's mission is to "Help as many people as possible" 

Please know that by deciding to level up, to throw away your excuses and join our fantastic community YOU have helped provide life-saving food for poor displaced children left vulnerable as a result of armed conflict.

Over the last decade, more than two million children have died as a result of armed conflict

Countless others are displaced, left vulnerable because they've lost parents or been left homeless

Know that our contribution on your behalf will not be used in vain.
We will not only guide you every step of the way towards the actualisation of your goals 

We will also 

With each and every new member that joins our community, provide life-saving food for these poor displaced children for one month.

If you're ready to take your fitness to the next level, there is no time for excuses

There is and will only ever be NOW, what will you choose to do with it? 

We are literally giving you the opportunity to

Help Others by Helping Yourself 

Will you?